Welcome to The Red Lion’s brand new blog - a place where the important issues of the day will be discussed and debated. Topics like what’s hot on the food front, the latest drinks fads, the next big promotion - and what’s coming up in the Cholsey social calendar.

This week we are careering towards Mother’s Day - and we will be fully booked for the third consecutive year. Apologies to anyone who hasn’t been able to secure a table, we have crammed as many in as we can - but we simply don’t have any more space! We won’t be serving food outside, but hopefully the sun will be out and we’d love to see you for a drink.

We are working on the garden as we speak, already being caught out by the unseasonable sunny weather in February - and should be fully functional in good time for the Easter weekend. Of course - there’s no guaranteeing the weather will play ball, but at least we’ll be ready. Also keep your eyes peeled for our new Spring menu - which should be up and running by the end of April at the latest, with a fresh approach to include several lighter seasonal salad options.

Final point on this opening post - we intend to post at least once a week, but we all know about the best laid plans and all that, so there may be the odd barren week, and equally there may be a week where you are bombarded by pub-related chat. We welcome your feedback - but please be respectful and follow the usual rules.

All the best.

The Red Lion Team